How do I successfully use IITTI for our company?

For HRs


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1.) Ask new hires to be IITTI-certified

Improve your 'employer branding' by adding an extra line in your job ads stating you prefer applicants with the IITTI certification.

This simple one-line can help you pre-screen and attract high-quality, high-potential job applicants.

It costs zero budget, and can be done today!

A sample job ad: How to use IITTI for HR Actual recruiting ad

Here is the HTML code you can ask your web programmer to add onto your website:

Preference will be given to those with
<a href="" target="_blank">
  <img src=""> <u>IITTI World Civility Index points</u></a>.

2.) Encourage internal staff to be IITTI-certified

You may consider offering training and IITTI exam certification on a voluntary basis for employees. This would readily identify those potential future leaders who see soft skills to be of importance.

Better yet, you may consider having an employee fee-contribution plan (through payroll deduction) for such training and certification, especially for the long-term IITTI cellphone learning (see below). This further distinguish those who show commitment to soft skills improvements.

For companies who have 25% employees being IITTI-certified, you can earn the "IITTI-recognized" status.







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Use IITTI cellphone learning to build long-term company culture change

An effective way to continuously engage your people is through a 'blended learning' approach; that is, the use of classroom face-to-face mixed with IITTI cellphone learning.

For example, for business application:

The IITTI cellphone learning is a form of informal learning or micro-learning, and serves as an awareness reminder, leading the users to consider taking more formal, classroom training.

The strategy is high-frequency, low-intensity, long-term.   (Once a week, bite-size chunks, repeat over time.)

Similar to the IITTI formal exams (ie Level 1, 2, 3), IITTI cellphone lessons are compiled by a global group of experienced image consultants. The lessons are delivered once a week via an email to subscribers. Users just click on the email to watch a 5-minute lesson, answer a multiple-choice question, and earn one (1) 'World Civility Index' point.

You can use this World Civility Index as part of your performance evaluation process.

(Details: IITTI exam structure, World Civility Index.)