Why Cellphone Learning?

People become better at soft skills if they are regularly being reminded.

IITTI Cellphone Learning is that constant reminder.

Each week, a lesson is delivered to subscribers via email. Subject ranges from empathy, resilience, to patience, and more... Instead of measuring competency like in math and science (how much you know), we measure awareness (how often you get exposed to the message).

Cellphone learning leads to earning one World Civility Index (WCI) point each lesson. There is no limit to how many lessons a user can take.


Why would I want World Civility Index points?
This builds part of your digital credential that you can show to employers and university admissions. WCI helps you get the job, or stand out from others for the promotion! Earning WCI via cellphone learning one point per week takes patience, persistence; all great traits that companies are looking for!

How much does it cost?
Check fee at fee structure -- Cellphone Learning (for business)

How do I pay?
Method 1. By buying an IITTI cellphone subscription card from your trainer, if you have one.
Method 2. By PayPal. You can pay once you registered and logged in into your account.

Want more detail?

Whitepaper on why videos are best for learning soft skills (Courtesy of BizLibrary)



FAQ for Trainers

How do I use Cellphone Learning as a trainer?
For Cellphone Learning, see Step 3 of Part 2 of www.IITTI.org/456 (For more on marketing, read the rest of Page '456'.)

Future of Image Consulting -- Cellphone Learning, with Dr. Joyce Knudsen, AICI CIM

(Attention trainers! Get your own IITTI special link so, you too, can use IITTI Cellphone Learning for your clients. 58min:30sec)

Dr. Joyce Knudsen, senior advisor of IITTI and Patrick Chun, executive director of IITTI, talk about:

    1.) Why soft skills are important to company culture
    2.) How to improve company culture (47min:00sec)


The gist:
    - company CEOs don't talk about colour analysis, they talk about company culture -- use their language, not yours
    - build company culture by building soft skills such as empathy, civility, cultural awareness
    - humans learn culture by observation, so videos are best
    - IITTI has compiled cellphone video lessons that you can use, allow you to generate passive income
    - combine your face-to-face activities with cellphone learning as a 'blended learning' for best result