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  Level 2 Topics
Dec 17, 2015

Level 2 topics gathering during AICI Washington DC Conference
as of Dec 17, 2015

Soft Skill Areas (tentative):

Business Negotiation


Speaking with Good Argument

How to Expose Your Ideas

How to Have Group Relationship with Other Groups

How to Have Humor


Business Ethics

Media Etiquette

Effective Communication


Time Management

Effective Meeting

How To Use Your Voice

Build High Performance Team

Emotional Intelligence


Social Intelligence

Cultural Intelligence

Customer Service

Government and Ceremonial Etiquette:
   1. - Flags Location in a international event with people from the company and with countries.
   2. - Podiums arrangements
   3. - Delivery of Diplomas
   4. - Table arrangements
   5. - Vocatives for government (minister, deputy, senator, etc.)
   6. - Car etiquette with international authorities


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