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  Meeting notes
Jan 28, 2014 Meeting agenda

January 28, 2014 6:30 am Pacific Standard Time
March 7, 2014 6:30 am Pacific Standard Time

Please note: we are going to use conference line

Call 1-559-670-1000 (Canada) 1-209-255-1000 (US) +31-(0)20322-3050 Netherlands

Participant: 446046# (please remind Kimberly to record the call and end recording)

  1. Approve discussion points above from December 20th meeting

  2. Confirm and Approve completion of action steps below

  3. Conclude online discussion- Marketing Idea to Gain HR Adoption of IITTI (Christina and Lynne)


    • Lynne suggested that one way to offset costs would be for Early Corporate Adopters to become Distinguished Partners. They would get a volume discount but pay travel expenses for the Proctor.

    • Riet suggested that multi-national Early Adopters may be interested in sponsoring the IITTI exam for emerging companies in emerging geographical regions.

  4. Conclude and finalise tabled & online discussion re: S&G pricing


    • Patrick suggested on December 2nd

                         POSSIBLE COURSE OF ACTION FOR S&Gs

                         - end-users (not open)

                               Reason: maintain the training opportunities for image consultants

                         - trainers (open)

                               Reason: least barrier for adoption within industry.

                         - corporations (not open)

                               Reason: they can't use the "raw" S&Gs anyway.
                                      We should build the commercial versions for sale to businesses.

  1. Continue with September 4th agenda items 2-4 as time allows

  2. Review Riet's spread sheet (December 20th) of gender-based exam questions

Actions Steps due for January 28th Meeting:

  1. Action: Directors to review and provide feedback to Riet of gender based questions emailed on December 20th, 2013.

  2. Continue online discussion re: Marketing Idea to Gain HR Adoption of IITTI in preparation for next meeting.

  3. Continue online discussion re: S&G pricing with consideration to target markets

  4. Patrick to update Intranet with meeting minutes/ documentation formatting and web changes

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