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  Meeting notes
Nov 18, 2015 Meeting agenda

All phone conference meetings are at 6:30 am PST (Vancouver time).
US, Canada (605) 781-0006, Netherlands +31 (0) 6 35205006, Chile +56 (0) 44 890 9330, Singapore (use US, Canada number), Access code is: 446046# (https://www.freeconferencecall.com).

1. Should our logo be allowed for non-associates?

2. How should we give recognition to contributors such as translators?
       (Recommendation: List on our website)

3. Level 2 strategy

    - Asking how can we bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of people to contribute to Level 2?
       (Recommendation: Use LinkedIn as wiki)

    - Build so current image consultants can teach it, or cater to what the market needs?
       (Recommendation: Work with AICI to train "IITTI corporate trainers")

    - How should we organize ourselves?
       (Recommendation: Appoint "Contributing Editors" that reports to board members)

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