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  Meeting notes
Oct 8, 2013 Meeting agenda

Revised Final Agenda

  1. Approve informal minutes (discussion points/ outcomes) from Sept. 26th meeting

  2. Confirm and Approve completion of action steps below

    1. New Discussion and finalization about the purpose of the learning outcomes doc (Lynne)

    2. Vote on new name for learning outcomes doc. See Below

  3. New Discussion (Riet) Should IITTI offer a separate exam for men and women?

  4. New Discussion (Patrick & Kimberly)#5 of September 4th agenda: finalize costs and cost structure for level 1 exam. (Founding members: you can go to "Founder's Corner" to get this working document.)

  5. Finalize 25+ new test pool questions

  6. Continue with September 4th agenda items 2-4 as time allows

Actions Steps due for October 8 Meeting:

  1. Lynne to work with Patrick to reword Student FAQ section of the website for finding a trainer to emphasize due diligence on student's part.

    (Done Oct 3, 2013 with subsequent discussions with others)
  2. Deborah to merge pg. 25,25,27 of Learning Outcomes sections "Good Manners- Everyday" into sections: "Business Mistakes" and other applicable sections. Items that fall outside of business etiquette will be removed from section and kept separately on file for possible future uses.

    (Done Oct 16, 2013)
  3. Kimberly to revamp business dress sections (more formal / less formal) into a separate section for business dress formality comparison.

    (Done Sep 27, 2013)
  4. All directors read through new questions and add comments for discussion and approval or rework at next meeting.

    (Worked past this meeting on Oct 8th)
  5. Patrick to send out email vote to change name of Learning Outcomes to ‘Standardized Content for IITTI Basic Level 1 Exam‘.

    (Suggestions sent Sep 27, 2013 with subsequent discussions with all. Name finalized as "Standards and Guidelines" at this Oct 8th meeting")
  6. Patrick to confirm launch of finalized sample online test?

    (Done Nov 11, 2013: Self-Test Exam compatible with all mobile devices)
  7. Kimberly update September 4th meeting notes based on September 26th meeting action steps.

    (Done Oct 7, 2013)
    1. Change last point in Section: what IITTI provides to assist – ET will offer a resource for due diligence rather than providing training resources

    1. Under marketing - (add) marketing/ sales tools – for trainers specifically targeting AICI members

    2. Under marketing – funding and strategy for AICI conference booth and launch due by September 1,2014.

Vote: Name Change LO’s Document

Alternative name to the LO’s Document:

      - IITTI Basic Level 1 Exam Core Competencies Guide
      - IITTI Basic Level 1 Exam Standardized Guidelines
      - Standardized Contents for IITTI Basic Level 1 Exam
      - IITTI Basic Level 1 Exam Recommended Syllabus
      - IITTI Basic Level 1 Exam Learning Demonstrations

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