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  Meeting notes
Oct 19, 2016 Meeting agenda

All conference meetings are at 9:30 am EDT (New York time).

For motivation to "divide and conquer", please see Patrick's email Sep 25, 2016.

1. Inviting non-image people to sit on our board and working groups. Lynne

2. Open Interview with an assessment. Lynne

3. Two packages for Open Interview Lilian, Patrick
    (1) standard, no-assessment
    (2) premium, with IITTI assessment, will earn World Civility Index (WCI) points (say 20 points)
4. 'Like' button or a 5-point scale for mini-lessons Riet

5. Set up 'task forces' to do jobs, not an un-ending role. Riet

6. Citizens of the World can have requirement for certain modules to be completed outside of one's country. Lilian, Patrick

7. Citizens of the World can be delivered mini-lesson style, at least partially Kimberly, Patrick

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