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  Meeting notes
Sep 4, 2013 Meeting agenda

IITTI Meeting Agenda (Drafted by Kimberly, Edited (minor) by Patrick)

September 4, 2013 - 8:00am PDT

  1. Discussion Business Strategy

    1. Refine IITTI’s role and responsibility

    2. Is our short term vision clear? Do we know what we are trying to accomplish? How are we going to do it?

  1. Clarify – what is volunteer service vs. what is paid service? Need to create a policy for this.

  1. Finalize Governance Organizational Structure of IITTI and Volunteers

    1. Current IITTI member categories - Finalise Roles / Responsibilities / Rights / Rewards / Accountability

      1. Founding Directors / Executive Director

      2. Ambassador

    1. Discussion - Additional suggested volunteer role (Associate)

      1. Do we want to add additional membership categories? Yes?/ No? – Why?

        • If yes – Finalize Associate role in IITTI Structure Responsibilities / Rewards / Accountability / Rights

    1. Does this finalized structure coincide with current bylaws and governing documents?

  1. Finalize Organizational Structure for IITTI Hired Guns -Titles / Job descriptions / Service Fees / Accountability / Rights

    1. Current IITTI Hired Guns

- Big 6 Alliance (Title needed) (Answer: Global Advisers + Greenwood)

- Proctor (level 1, 2, 3)

    1. Discussion – Additional suggested hired role (Regional Administrator)

      1. Do we want to add additional paid service role Yes?/ No? – Why?

        • If yes – Finalize job description - Responsibilities / Service Fees Structure / Accountability

  1. Finalize service costs and cost structure for Level 1 Exam

  2. Finalize fee for Level 1 Exam

  3. Finalize requirements for taking exam (create policy and update student guide if needed)

    1. Should we allow people to challenge the exam or require proof of education?

  4. What’s still needed before launch Level 1 Exam?

  5. Action steps / responsibilities and timeline to launch Level 1 Exam

(Agenda Item #8 & 9) Level 1 Launch Checklist

Needed to Launch IITTI1


Action/ by Whom

Due Date

Finalize IITTI business strategy (1)

Finalize IITTI Roles and Responsibilities(2)

Paid vs. non-paid policy (2)

Finalize Governance Structure (3)

Finalize hired guns service structure (4)

Finalize service structure cost- Level 1 (5)

Finalize fee for Level 1 Exam (6)

Requirements and policy for Level 1 test takers (7)

Review and finalize IITTI website & docs to coincide with finalized agenda items above –do they speak with one voice?


Finalize Standards & Guidelines (Learning Outcomes) Level 1

Finalize current level 1 questions (in Question Pool) to coincide with learning outcomes

Additional level 1 questions to 100

Online - Self Test questions

Greenwood Exam infrastructure & procedures policy/ guidelines

Exam taker requirements/ guidelines

Exam Proctoring Manual

Additional Items below

Before or after launch?

Create Policy Manual

Marketing Plan

Train the Proctor Manual

Finalize requirements and structure for Level 2 & Level 3 Exam

Additional Level 1 questions to 150

Additional Links and Documents for Reference at a Glance

IITTI Members Only Intranet


This link contains links to the following sections of the IITTI website

(Meeting Notes, Documents, Question Pool, Marketing, Certification Structure)

Current IITTI Constitution & Bylaws

Go to page http://iitti.org/guru/documents.htm


Go to page http://iitti.org/guru/documents.htm

Student Brochure

Go to page http://iitti.org/guru/documents.htm

Image & Etiquette School Guidance Manual

Go to page http://iitti.org/guru/documents.htm

HR Department Education Manual

Go to page http://iitti.org/guru/documents.htm

Bubble Chart Reference by Patrick -July 2013 http://iitti.org/guru/documents.htm

Specific Discussion Items

Learning Outcomes finalizing for Level 1
            - please use the working copy to check if we all agree with the red part

- Question Pool finalizing for Level 1
            - 4 contentious questions:
                       Appearance Question 7 (semi-formal shirt)
                                                                9 (fashionable coloured denim?)
                                                               14 (oily hair too obvious?)
                       Etiquette Question 7 ('thank you' note send within 1 day?)
                                                           15 (eye contact time)
- Self-Test questions
          - (no issues once Question Pool finalized)

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