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  Meeting notes
Sep 26, 2013 Meeting agenda

IITTI Board Meeting: September 26, 2013 7 am Pacific Time


  1. Approve minutes (discussion points / outcomes) from Sept. 4th meeting

  2. Finalize Basic Level Standards & Guidelines (Learning Outcomes)

  3. New Discussion (Riet) Should IITTI offer a separate exam for men and women?

  4. Finalize 25+ new test pool questions

  5. Continue with September 4th agenda items 2-4 as time allows

Actions Steps due for Meeting:

  1. Deborah to choose and submit final question for online self-test (Done Sep 4, 2013)

  2. Patrick to launch finalized sample online test (Done Sep 5, 2013)

  3. Founding Directors to write 5+ question pool questions each and email them to Patrick by Sept. 23rd (Done Sep 23, 2013)

  4. Founding Directors to read and evaluate all standards and guidelines (learning outcomes) in red. Submit concerns to Patrick by Sept. 23rd. (Done Sep 23, 2013)

  5. Patrick to compile new test pool questions and standards & guidelines (learning outcomes) concerns. Forward to Directors prior to finalization (Done Sep 25, 2013 via email)

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