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Apr04,2016 Meeting Outcomes (in blue)

1. Level 2 question criteria
Agreed on a set of criteria for creating questions (attended by Lynne, Riet, Deborah, Lilian, Patrick)

Criteria for generating Level 2 multiple-choice questions:

   (1) One and only one correct answer
   (2) Universally-accepted, not opinion-based

   (3) Not controversial, not fad

   (4) Business-based


   (1) One and only one correct answer
          Try not to have ambiguous answers where more than one could be the
          correct choice.

   (2) Universally-accepted, not opinion-based
          Should not be based on just what one author says, but based on
          generally accepted data or consensus.  That is, students don't
          need to read a specific article but can obtain such information
          from different sources.
          A rule-of-thumb: an expert doing the test must be able to pass it.

   (3) Not controversial, not fad
          Avoid "hot", "high-flying" current topics and "flash in the pants"!

   (4) Business-based
          Can also include social situations that a business person would
          come across, 
             e.g. what should you wear to a wedding?
          but avoid specifics of a social situation 
             e.g. what wedding gown to wear?

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