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Apr 25, 2014 Meeting Outcomes

IITTI Directors Meeting April 25, 2014 – Discussion Points

April 25, 2014 meeting recording: http://rs3104.freeconferencecall.com:80/fcci/cgi-bin/play.mp3/14418447-11.mp3

  1. Approved Discussion points from March 7, 2014 meeting

  2. Personal Appearance Question Pool - Reviewed Riet's spread sheet (December 20th,2013) of gender-based exam questions. Riet reported that she had been working to find visuals for the appearance questions but was finding it very time consuming. She suggested that we use dollarphoto.com as a resource where photos can be purchased for $1. Also discussed the need for more gender based questions to fill gaps. It was agreed that there is some confusion about where the gaps are and what types of questions and pictures are needed.

Action: Riet will restructure current questions and visuals into an at-a-glance gender based document so that we can determine the gaps and what questions and visuals are still needed for the question pool.

  1. Advisory Service - Lynne asked if Directors had a chance to look at checklist template draft emailed to Directors for Advisory service discussed at March meeting. Christina - Concern was raised that IITTI would need to manage clients expectations. Do we refer trainers?? Deborah – if ET provides testing tool what happens after that? If client is happy how to take this further? If unhappy how to fix. How does IITTI identify who is a quality trainer? Concern is that it will come back on us if something goes wrong. Also, there are many trainers outside AICI. How do we identify them? Kim- agreed listing trainers and referring could be a liability. Deborah – suggested requiring trainer take and pass test to evaluate their skill set before listing or referring them. Riet- disagreed said we should not stand for trainers that we don’t know. Suggested that we list well known training companies such as ‘Post’ or Jacqueline Whitmore rather than the individual trainer. Christina - Agreed. Stated concern about the question: ‘What would you like to do next?”. Would be dangerous for ET to take on the next step. Suggested that simple report should be generated where they are now based on the ET exam. Like doctor saying go see a nutritionist because you are lacking vitamins, etc. Patrick asked if it would be a conflict if ET member was the advisor and the person to take the next step. Lynne – agreed. Kimberly- stated concern that pool is small in each region. Deborah – asked if Greenwood would funnel calls asking for advisory service. Patrick – stated that as IITTI grows there is likelihood that it will be sued. Talked about the ISO model. Directors agreed that it still seems like a conflict. Christina – What would happen if we did not provide the follow-up advisory service? How sustainable is the advisory role? Too subjective. Advisory Role takes us away from our core purpose. Why not computer generated info-graphics, snapshot with the results instead? With a few fact finding FAQ’s including draft questions. Lynne- name should be ‘Report Manager’. If additional help was needed we could take turns with the follow-up. Patrick – over time can get the team to develop the graphic coding to develop and automate this report. Christina- imagine if we could give the client a visual-at-a-glance report? Report could be used as a marketing tool. Patrick – report would breakdown results in detail. Directors agreed – there would be no charge with more than 20 test-takers. Kim – used Icontact tracking report as an example of what the report might look like. Nice to look at graphics. Details about participant results based on %. We would need to adapt and reformat the 12 draft questions to provide answers. Directors agreed – this would only be for the Level 1 exam offered free to 21 test-takers or more. Name ‘IITTI Analytics Report’

Kimberly questioned whether we are still offering a report as previously agreed for the self-test? Deborah suggested it should be basic. Score and next steps. Directors agreed. Listen to conference call recording for full details.

Action: Develop ‘IITTI Analytics Report’ for Level 1 exam offered free to 21 test-takers or more. Directors to redesign draft questions for info-graphic report. Patrick – Greenwood team will develop the report for automation in the next couple of months.

Action: Patrick's team to develop self-test basic report. Breaking down sections.

  1. Marketing Strategy 1 - Gain HR Adoption of IITTI - Patrick provided progress report on his discussion with 1 high level multi-national. Multi-national said that IITTI is not well known in image training industry and does not have a track record to attract large companies. Directors agreed that Marketing Strategy 1 - Gain HR Adoption of IITTI by Exposing IITTI concept to HR’s through initial contact using "Virtual Logo Diplomacy" would be postponed until IITTI becomes more well known in the image/etiquette industry and can show evidence of its effectiveness. Directors agreed that immediate target market would be etiquette trainers rather than corporations.

Action: Table strategy until further notice

  1. Gender-Based Questions: Patrick further stated corporate concern about gender-based questions and would this mean that gender employees would be trained separately? Directors discussed the logistics of training based on gender and exam content for Level 1. Directors agreed level one would only include the essential elements that you would need to know on a global basis and move some of the more detailed questions to level 2. Directors agreed that personal appearance section would remain. Gender-based testing as an internal feature rather than announced to public.

Action: relook at question pool. What would a university graduate to someone lower middle management need to know. What’s not appropriate rather than the executive look? Or what are the basics that someone would need to know? Directors agreed future level 1 questions should have basic lower level details.

  1. Discussed suggested marketing strategy (tabled at March meeting) to introduce, expose and gain adoption of IITTI concept to (AICI colleagues). Directors agreed to immediate launch IITTI to AICI members. This will again become IITTI’s #1 strategy. See Online discussion below

  2. Agreed to hard launch at conference August 2015. Table discussion on marketing strategy to next meeting.

  3. Discuss and finalise suggested tagline (tabled at March meeting) "Setting the highest global standard for professional image and etiquette" Online discussion see below

  4. Conclude and finalise tabled & online discussion re: S&G pricing for -Enquires, First time test takers, Affiliates, Distinguished clients, Image/ Etiquette corporate trainers. Reconfirmed S&G Guide will be FREE for Image/ Etiquette corporate trainers. Tabled pricing for Enquires, First time test takers, Affiliates, Distinguished clients.

  5. Continue with September 4th, 2013 agenda items 2-4

  6. Discuss incomplete action steps to form strategy and timeline for completion (see below)

May – June On-line Discussion and Results

Email "Simple Letter" – Marketing Campaign to selected AICI Members

Patrick and Kimberly created an online marketing letter targeting etiquette trainers and distributed it to Directors to be adapted for personal use.

Directors launched individual email campaigns to selected AICI associates in the form of an introductory email providing links to the ET site and inviting them to be involved. Launch was well received. Patrick to report.

Directors discussed initial marketing via informational Q&A teleclass for Trainers. Discussion was not concluded.

IITTI Associate Role & Responsibilities

Finalised. In response to trainer enquiries Patrick created an initial ‘Roles and Responsibilities of Associates’ document. Document was refined first as a collaboration between Patrick and Kimberly. The role description was finalised and approved by Directors. Patrick is now sending out this document to interested trainers. Patrick to report

Completed #3.b September 4, 2013 Agenda

Sept 4, 2013 agenda items 2, 3:

  1. Clarify – what is volunteer service vs. what is paid service? Need to create a policy for this.

  1. Finalize Governance Organizational Structure of IITTI and Volunteers

    1. Current IITTI member categories - Finalise Roles / Responsibilities / Rights / Rewards / Accountability

      1. Founding Directors / Executive Director

      2. Ambassador

    1. Discussion - Additional suggested volunteer role (Associate)

      1. Do we want to add additional membership categories? Yes?/ No? – Why?

        • If yes – Finalize Associate role in IITTI Structure Responsibilities / Rewards / Accountability / Rights


          Complete – Board agreed this is non-member, non-voting strategic alliance role. see document Roles & Responsibilities of Associates

    1. Does this finalized structure coincide with current bylaws and governing documents?

IITTI Tagline: tagline "Setting the highest global standard for professional image and etiquette" changed to “The global standard for professional image and etiquette” approved by directors

Next Meeting , July 8, 2014 6:30 AM - 8:30 AM Pacific Time

Agenda July 8, 2014

  1. Approve discussion points from April meeting

  2. Progress Reports on Actions steps from April meeting

  3. Continued tabled discussions:

    1. Marketing to Trainers/ AICI Discuss and finalize strategy for creation & implementation of a marketing plan/ campaign (tabled at March meeting) to introduce, expose and gain adoption of IITTI concept to (AICI colleagues) -Image and Etiquette Professionals

Initial Ideas List

      1. Introductory teleconference for Trainers/ AICI

      2. AICI Conference 2015

    1. S&G Guide Pricing Conclude and finalise tabled & online discussion re: S&G pricing for -Enquires, First time test takers, Affiliates, Distinguished clients.

    1. Finalize Requirements for taking exam (create policy and update student guide if needed) http://www.iitti.org/forStudents/IITTI_studentGuide_Jun03_2014.pdf

      1. Should we allow people to challenge the exam or require proof of education?

    1. Level 1 Question Pool create strategy for evaluation of level 1 questions to be considered basic skill level more advanced questions to be moved to level 2

  1. Continue with September 4th, 2013 agenda items 2-4

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