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  Meeting notes
Aug 3, 2016 Meeting Outcomes (in blue)

Changing to Skype. All conference meetings are at 9:30 am EDT (New York time).

1. Expanding the AICI discount structure
Existing schedule:

        USD$80     AICI membership
        USD$70     AICI membership, 10 exams
        USD$60     AICI membership, 20 exams
        USD$30     AICI membership, 20 exams, client acting as test center*

Now add:

       USD$25     AICI membership, 500 exams, client pay for proctor, venue
       USD$22     AICI membership, 1,000 exams, client pay for proctor, venue

2. Divide-and-Conquer?

Christina has volunteered to cut her own salary and embark on a training mission in China/Asia for Level 1! How about divide up and work on different aspects?
        Level 2                      -- ?
        Level 1 question validation  -- ?
        Citizens of the World (COW)  -- Carolina
        "99-cent" Mini-Tests         -- Patrick, Deborah
        Level 1 training in Asia     -- Christina
Should we focus on the Mini-Tests as it is the "Level 0"?
As COW and Mini-Tests seemingly have much overlap, should we merge the two?

Patrick & Lynne after official meeting:
Concept of "Open Interiew" by Christina at AICI Asia Conference.
Lynne: What about "ditching" L2 questions and just Open Interview?
Discuss about Open Interview (OI) new week.

Patrick & Deborah after official meeting:
Need to make a 1-2-3 action plan for ICs to help them with marketing.
Need to create a structure for CE: list of formats of lessons (eg dramatic, TED-like).

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