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Feb 1, 2012 Discussion with Lynne about publishing books


Jan 31, 2012 from Lynne

...regarding exams in general. The requirement for the FLC exam which we would be wise to copy is very important. That is, everything we ask on the exam had to be found in the books we recommend. The information always has to be referenced back to a book or website. When I noticed your sources and websites I had a question. Can all this information be read in books; do we agree with the existing information; will the information from the various websites you mentioned belonging to our task force be available to the candidates? Or can the same information be found elsewhere?

Feb 1, 2012 from Patrick

In terms of following FLC's substantiation of its exam content, I am all for it! It is very important, especially in a tough market like China. If we don't allow students and schools to find ALL the information in certain books and websites, they WILL complain.

So far, I have used Kimberly's ebooks as the backbone of the Level 1 Learning Outcomes. For the Scope, I have used Kimberly's ebooks, Riet's and your {Lynne's] suggestions, and Deborah's and Christina's websites.

I am not sure if you (Lynne) would want us to compile your (all) books and other salable learning materials and give it away as open-source?

This is my thinking currently: As our finished Learning Outcomes document will be comprehensive, and no doubt will have the consensus of all five of you, will this be sufficient substantiation for the world out there? (Just a thought, after we have the final Learning Outcomes, can we invite other image consultants to critique this document? That is, the more blessings we get, the more buy-in we'll get. What do you think?)

By keeping it in a learning outcome format, and not compiling it into a book, we basically are telling the world that we are creating new business opportunities where they can write books against this set of outcomes. A new market where perhaps someone can write an "IITTI for Dummies" book!

Please correct my thinking as needed.

Feb 3, 2012 from Lynne

As for making available the books and other online resources I agree it's up to all of us to decide. Maybe we actually already have the textbook between us!

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