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Feb 8, 2012 Discussion with Christina about the target profile

Discussions with Christina about whether the target profile (as proposed in the Dec23,2011 meeting notes) would need to be updated.

Feb 1, 2012 from Christina

Stepping back form the details, it got me thinking about what is the typical profile of a person who would be interested to upgrade to ITTI Level 3?

From earlier meeting notes (Dec23,2011), Patrick sketched us the profile. Does this profile match the Level 3 learning outcomes we've got so far? I kind off see him/her as someone in their 40s, with a bit more experience than this David Wang. If we could get clear on who are addressing for Level 3, it will be easier to expand our current Level 3 content.

Feb 3, 2012 from Patrick

I may have been too set in my ways to think somebody in the mid 30s would be an ideal profile for Level 3. (It might have to do with my background in the technology field where 35 is considered "old"!) But if we stick to the marketing target of middle-management in say banking for Level 3, I agree somebody in their early-mid 40s may be more appropriate.

Now that we have zeroing in our focus on bank's HR (for demand) and business school's final year undergrads (for supply), how about a new profile like this:

Level 1 Profiling:
Name: David Wang
Location: Beijing, China
Age: 21
Education: Final year of undergraduate, school of business administration,
majoring in finance, Beijing University
Job: Full-time student
Background: Single. David lives in a 600 sq-ft apartment together with his parents.

Level 2 Profiling:
Name: Susan Li
Location: Beijing, China
Age: 31
Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, majored in finance, Beijing University
Job: Assistant Manager, International Wealth, at HSBC in Beijing
Duties: Help expats in China in wealth management.
Background: Married, with a 2 year-old child and husband, all living in Beijing.
Susan lives in a 600 sq-ft apartment with a mortgage together with her family.

Level 3 Profiling:
Name: George Ma
Location: Beijing, China
Age: 41
Education: MBA, majored in finance, Beijing University
Job: Manager, Export Buyer's Credit, at Bank of China in Beijing
Duties: Frequent international travel to help provide financing to exporters.
Background: Married, with a 10 year-old child and wife, all living in Beijing.
George lives in an 800 sq-ft apartment with a mortgage together with his family.

Feb 7, 2012 from Christina

I can see how the IT industry influenced your profile sketch of a typical Level 3 candidate. The new target profile for our Level 3 candidate seems to me more realistic.

I'm happy to work with this assumption for now but let's be open to review it again as when work on putting content to beef up Level 3.

Feb 8, 2012 from Patrick

No problem, we can always review Level 3 profile at any time when we see fit.

At the very early stage last year, the idea was to design Level 3 for senior executives, but increasingly, it was felt that the market would be too small (and senior executives may not want to bother with learning etiquette!). So currently, Level 3 is designed for mid management types.

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