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Jan 28, 2013 Fine-tuning exam questions, second round

Jan 28, 2013 from Deborah

Are we still keeping the focus on what the Western standard is, or working to create a global standard that reflects regional differences?


Jan 29, 2013 from Patrick

Hi Deborah, everyone,

Thanks for your prompt feedback.  To answer Deborah's timely question about if we are to continue focusing on Western standard, yes, I think we should continue with this focus and only branch out to regional differences in our Advanced Level 3 as optional modules. 

(As it turns out, our Level 1 questions have the same focus as the AICI FLC written exam, which is to focus on Western/N. American standard.  So we have good company!)

Perhaps we could add a disclaimer to our Level 1 as something like this:

"The IITTI Exams represent the highest standards of
  image and professional conduct in the Western world.
  Your local practice and company policies may vary."

What do you think?

Jan 29, 2013 from Riet

Great idea.
I even suggest North America instead of western.
And what about the question of the business card Japanese style? Does that question belong to this Level I scope?


Jan 29, 2013 from Kimberly

Hi Riet,

In Canada and I believe the US we use the two handed (Japanese method) as well as the one handed method for giving and receiving business cards. So I think it is important that it be included in the first level.


Jan 29, 2013 from Lilian

Hi Patrick:

I agree with what you're proposing.

Jan 29, 2013 from Deborah

I agree, Kimberly. Although primarily Japanese, this method is important for every business person to understand.

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