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  Meeting Outcomes
Mar 20, 2017 Meeting Outcomes (in blue)

(Conducted via Skype call)

1. Role & responsibilities of an IITTI Executive Director.


An IITTI Executive Director, at this fledgling stage of the IITTI development, 
is a leadership role, and requires an individual with an entrepreneurial background 
who can navigate through an ever-changing market and with an often ambiguous and 
ill-defined future.

Major responsibilities:

1)To lead the marketing of IITTI (social media, media release, etc.)  
 (Patrick only: attending conference, key note) 
 (Creating media release.  This would include finding news-worthy stories, 
  sourcing them, designing the actual communication, and keep track of what 
  had been sent to whom.)

2)To team-build of IITTI contributors, office staff, and identify future board members.

3)To oversee the day-to-day business operation and administration of IITTI 
  (accounting, legal, budget, bylaws, etc.)

4)To liaise with the board.

5)To liaise with IITTI exam management company (Greenwood) re exam.

6)To coordinate with IITTI proctors, test-takers, Greenwood (exam ID, exam password).

7)To update content for the website and document.

8)To liaise with the Alliance.

9)To liaise with Rocktell re open interview videos.

10)To liaise with AICI.

11) To answer emails and inquiries, and to respond to questions from 
    image consultants (or anyone) who are embarking on using the IITTI exam.

12) To answer questions within 36 hours or conduct monthly webinar for Q/A as needed. (Patrick only: give business advice)

13) To manage task forces (e.g. translations of documents and website);
    this includes communicating with volunteering translators and proof-readers.

14) To write role & responsibilities of volunteers.  To coordinate volunteers.

15) To oversee biannual responsibility and requirements of IITTI Associates.

(After Mar 20, 2017 meeting)

16) To police various social media for misrepresentation of IITTI.

17) To research and select suitable tools for collaboration 
    as per Deborah's asking if we still have the tool for commenting on exam questions.
    (e.g. Slack?) (Jul17, 2017)

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