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  Meeting notes
Mar30,2016 Meeting Outcomes (in blue)

1. Level 2 topics report: cultural awareness seems most pressing.
Agreed to proceed in building Level 2 by asking people 3 questions on topics of their choices.

Gist: We will all go on LinkedIn and Facebook to encourage others to help by 
      contributing 3 questions.

Details:Ask your friends to send in 3 questions (and multiple-choice answers)
        on a topic of their choosing.  Contributors will need to quote one or 
        more reference sources of how they arrived at these questions/answers.
        The intention is to compile all these questions (after discussion and 
        refined) into the Level 2 question pool, while the reference materials 
        will form the Level 2 standard.

Even More Details: Contributors would need to send in their 3 question/answers 
        sets via their own LinkedIn post (aka LinkedIn "Pulse").  Their posts 
        are intended to be a living document, as LinkedIn posts are updatable.
        It should be the understanding that the Level 2 standard is not meant 
        to be the "be all and end all" of soft skill standards.  Certificate 
        holders of IITTI Level 2 are not expected to be experts in all or any 
        of the topics covered, but as a starting point of their life-long 
        learning journey.  Level 2 exam is a starting point to make aware and 
        pique interests of the various soft skills needed in the 21st century 
        global business demands.

Objection: This is totally non-rigorous!  There could be a lot of holes!  
           You may not be comprehensive!
Answer: We focus on the MOST pressing topics, and the MOST business-relevant
        questions.  IITTI Level 2 is like a bachelor degree; successful exam 
        candidates are expected to have a general working knowledge of the 
        various soft skill topics, not a specialist.

Objection: I am an image consultant, and I don't do many of the topics!
Answer: IITTI Level 2 is designed based on the NEEDS of multinationals (MNCs).  
        Think of this as a tremendous opportunity to form alliance with your 
        fellow trainers in other fields to fulfill the needs of MNCs.  Think 
        of IITTI as your business growth opportunity!

Objection: The content of Level 2 is huge!  I can't cover all in 3 weeks, let 
           alone 3 days!
Answer: Isn't this great!  You can be retained by your clients for 3 months 
        out of a year!  You shouldn't be content when you get a 3-day workshop, 
        you should think being retained by your clients on a long-term basis, 
        something like a corporate accountant or lawyer.

Objection: Clients will NEVER pay for a 3-month retainer!
Answer: That's what people thought about retaining a social media specialist too,
        not too long ago!  The 21st century business is all about company culture, 
        which is based on soft skills.  A company ignores this at their own peril.  
        For details, visit the various resource areas of IITTI.org; we have prepared 
        many research results for you to educate your clients.

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