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  Meeting notes
May 17, 2013 IITTI Annual General Meeting in Arizona

The major outcome of our Arizona meeting with Christina Ong, Deborah King, Lynne Marks, Kimberly Law, Lilian Bustamate, Riet de Vlieger, and Patrick Chun was that we should set up a free-of-charge self-test tool to allow HR departments to become more aware of how IITTI can help in sorting through job applicants.

Meeting minutes from Arizona, May17,2013

- a practise test
- $200 too expensive for Level 1 – should start at $40
- a broader scope
- a group of universities before approaching HRs
- don't worry about too much of perfecting the content, but marketing (Christina)
- set student price and corporate price
- self-learning benefit (minimal), certificate for HR/employment benefit (more important) (Deborah)
- an introductory price to make brand-aware
- what if universities get competitive with IITTI?!
      - different schools will get aggregate score (Christina)
- universities don't want to train for 3 days but just 3 hours (Kimberly)
- just 4 modules out of 7 modules are selected by universities in Singapore (Christina)
- a diagnostic tool to take for etiquette
      - like a blood-pressure test (Christina)
- or e-books (Lynne, Kimberly)
- Argentina, Venezuela very bad economy but still people want image
      - these are not government/universities but chapters of AICI
        of Mexico & Argentina for US$20 for students
- how about give it away for free? (Riet)
- don't underestimate people's fear of taking the exam (Riet)
- 30 hrs class in Chile + IITTI Exam  (Lilian)
- using LO and/or create Q/As (Riet)
- Singapore is mandating $10K assessing/report card on companies' competitive &
         intellectual property level (Christina)
- provide the benefit of diagnostic test (nobody wants to find they are stupid!) (Deborah)
      - provide the ebooks?
- besides appearance, etiquette, also have a cross-cultural section (Christina)
- Singapore tried to hire international talents but difficult because of cultural integration (Christina)
- Netherlands has problem integrating Chinese students (Riet)
- do high school program to show that the school cares (Deborah)
- HRMA (Human Resources Management Association) could be a good approach (Lilian, Lynne)
- a pre-test (a "dip-stick" test, a pregnacy-prediction test) and compare between different
            countries (Deborah, Riet)
- a 25-question for free (Christina talked about she jumped into a government program after they
            split a program into two so that it is more bite-size $10K, then $100K
- do a bite-size training for the pre-test at 3.5 hrs. (Kimberly)
      - compile a pare-down LO for the bite-size training (Kimberly)
- 25-questions must be common enough so that different clients can approve them (say training
            from Boeing – Deborah)
- IITTI-in-a-box for selling to other image consultants (Kimberly)
- use the"dip-stick" test as part of a value-added, complimentary HR assessment tool (Deborah)
- a time-limit for every question (Lilian)
- "If you don't pass this pre-test, what would you do?"  (Christina)
- opt-in to ask question "May we contact you?" (Riet)
- send questions before the dip-stick:
         - dress what you would to see your best clients
         - go to IITTI to do dip-stick test (Christina)
- give result in graphical form (Christina)
- pay for graphics design to make web site look better (Christina)
      - $1,000 (Kimberly)
      - $5,000 (Christina)
      - a good example website:
              IACET, ISO, TOEFL
- a wrap-around image with a good tagline (Lilian)
- 2 sets of 25-questions?  One for before training?  One for after training?

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