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Oct 5, 2011 Discussion with Deborah about 'ideal contents for international market'


For an international audience, we would need to consider doing something that would be hard for overseas competitors to do. What is easy for overseas competitors to do would be computer animations with cartoon-like features. The labor over there is cheap and the talent pool is huge. And they can produce graphics and color that would suit the local taste and expectation. What is hard for them to do would be something like a video of you, in person, explaining things, or you doing some kind of demonstrations with real students.

Doing short video clips with a simple storyline would be the best bet. Nothing complicated. If the meaning could be conveyed through body language, so much the better. Videos with you in it as the "star" also has the benefit of being somewhat piracy-proof. This would be especially important if you are contemplating any potential franchising ideas (and you should). If you build up say 50 or 100 short videos of 5-10 minutes each, it provides a nice library that your franchisees can use over time. It keeps the brand unified and unique.

Our competitors may do the same, but your presence, your experience and your credentials would be hard to match. This is leveraging your 'time-in-the-industry' advantage.

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