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  Meeting notes
Oct 21, 2011 Discussion with Kimberly about overall exam structure

1.) Level 1, Basic Certification

If we are positioning the IITTI Exam to have a mass market appeal, the consensus is to NOT have any proctoring for this level (added below in green).

2.) Level 3, Advanced Certification

The most advanced level will see exam candidates going to one of our "western centers" for a practicum. There is no written test. The western centers can be one of Atlanta, Dallas, Vancouver or Amsterdam (added below in green)

3.) Marketing targets

Level 1, 2
     - university students
     - colleges, language schools, senior high schools (Grade 11, 12)
     - multi-nationals
     - tourism
     - service industries (hotels, restaurants, spas)

Level 3
     - people already in the work force
     - middle-management, government officials

Action Items:
1.) Patrick will send list of cultural faux pas to Kimberly (for incorporating into exam questions). (Done Oct27,2011)

2.) Patrick will take the "first cut" at scoping out the three levels (ie writing the "Learning Outcomes"). Then we will invite all to critique and add to it. (Done Dec07,2011)

3.) Kimberly will proof-read the website. (Done Nov09,2011)

4.) Kimberly will send Patrick her e-books so that he can start his "first cut". (Done Oct23,2011)

(Here I have added the proposed, new features in green below.)

  Certification structure

Basic (15 hrs. instructional time, equivalent to 1 credit in university)
  - "keeping up", entry level focusing on basic etiquette skills
- teach the 'what', 'how'
- face-to-face instructions
- only written exam, no practicum

Standard (40 hrs. instructional time (5 hrs for exam), equivalent to 3 credits in university)
  - "fluency", generally effective command of etiquette skills
- teach in-depth and breadth 'what', 'how'
- teach the theory, i.e. 'why'
- face-to-face instructions
- innovative activities to include:
       - simulated public-speaking test (on any topic, in any language, 3 minutes)
       - a "cat-walk" test
       - a "photo-ops" test (simulated modeling poses, a test of poise)
       - a self-made video doing good
- online learning supplement:
       - case studies
       - video discussions from experts
- written exam, and local practicum (local for candidates, that is)

Advanced (capable of showing +1, +2, +3,... of years of learning to employers)
  - "refined", focusing on cultural and moral refinements
- online learning on self-cultivation:
       - music appreciation
       - golfing etiquette
       - tennis, baseball appreciation
       - yoga, taichi appreciation
       - ethics, moral readings
- no written exam, overseas practicum (at one of our "western country" centres)

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