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  Meeting Outcomes
Sep 18, 2017 (Sep 20, 2017 Spill-over) Meeting Outcomes (in blue)

(Conducted via Skype call)

Sep 18,2017

Riet, Deborah, Kimberly, Lilian, Patrick - What is IITTI World Civility Index? Citizens of the World

Sep 20,2017

Riet, Lynne, Kimberly, Lilian, Patrick - First half of meeting: identifying patron saints

Riet, Lynne, Kimberly, Lilian, Patrick - Second half of meeting: identifying patron saints

1.) Invitation of Lilian Bustamante to be a director
Lilian accepted.

2.) Cellphone learning
Listing cellphone vetting parameters online here (written and sent previously to Deborah on Aug30,2016), 
as well as emailed to team on Sep25,2017.

Parameters of cellphone lesson vetting:
   - Story-based
   - TED talk
   - "Talking head" lecture
   - Documentary
   - Poster
   - External link to newspaper article, or blog

Other criteria:
   - The poster-style is when we present just an infographics.
   - All the formats will include a simple question to test "have they watch the video?"
   - All formats will include a sentence on top for each video to identify purpose or focus.


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