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  Status report
Jan 8, 2016

Item Description
"RockTell" for India marketing Developing website "RockTell". Identifying 3rd-party videos that are suitable for teaching Level 1.
Level 2 building Re-created a preliminary list of Level 2 topics during Washington Conference as part of Dec17,2015's meeting outcomes. Level 2 topics
Level 1 revison Will need to set up a task force to check if all exam questions are in the S&Gs. (Phone meeting on Nov3 suggested this is not necessary?)
Chinese translation Jessie got part of Level 1 questions translated. Is translating the Testing Centre Agreement document. Hwa-Kang Education in Taiwan will host IITTI Exam in June and Dec 2016. Still no words from Grace Zhang in Beijing about her translation yet.
Thai translation Finished by volunteer Iamkamon Changkamon of Canada. Still waiting for Apailuck for proof-reading.
Video "How to break into MNCs" Did video and will let board look at it before publishing.

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