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  Status report
Nov 18, 2015

Current Status
as of Nov 18, 2015

Item Description
Simplified S&Gs Added the simplified S&Gs from Kimberly and Lynne to our Image Consultant Manual
IITTI logistics training Help from Lynne. Will modify as per Lynne's suggestion.
Level 1 revison Will need to set up a task force to check if all exam questions are in the S&Gs. (Phone meeting on Nov3 suggested this is not necessary?)
Level 2 building Created a preliminary list of topics during Washington Conference and posted on LinkedIn (so everyone can see the "real thing").
Spanish translation Lilian has been working with Carolina Bejar and Rosario Galindo if Spanish S&Gs are ok for Mexico, will check exam questions to see if suitable for different countries.
Chinese translation Jessie has completed the Proctor Manual, College and University Guidance Manual, and HR Manual. She also got part of Level 1 questions translated. Is translating the Testing Centre Agreement document. Helen Hu has finished her part of the Level 1 questions. No words from Grace Zhang in Beijing yet. Haihui Zhou in Shanghai helped with installation instruction page of Self-Test.
Thai translation Finished by volunteer Iamkamon Changkamon of Canada.
Resource Area Added 3 videos by Patrick introducing the furture trend in corporate soft skill training. Also added research paper from Harvard Business Review.
Paper Certificates Paper certificate mailing saw a lot of issue with bent/damaged/unreceived certificate. Will build software to allow online printing directly by students.

Old Item (as of Nov03,2015)
Self-Test In Traditional Chinese, Spanish. Done.
IITTI logistics training Help image consultants in getting familiarized with buying exam passes and arranging testing centres. Online, free. Done.
Level 1 exam pool Completed revision (some existing ones are changed -- improved) (newly approved ones = 65 questions, grand total = 50 + 65 = 115 questions)
Resource Area Currently with Kimberly's study guide, Vanessa's "IITTI for Peru" Facebook discussion forum.
Old Item (as of Sep23,2015)
Continuing Ed An option for certificate-holders to join mini-lessons. Completed continuing ed lessons will be tabulated on the students' credential list online when employers check them.
IITTI train-the-trainer Let market forces decide. We won't do.
Application for S&Gs Standards & Guidelines (S&Gs) application form is in the Image Consulting School Manual under "School Area".
Application to be Associate Application form to be an IITTI Associate is in the Role & Responsibilities of Associate under "School Area".
Discount for exam passes The final page of "Introduction to IITTI" under "Education" in the AICI website, as well as under "Documents" of our intranet here.

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