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  Meeting notes
Aug 7, 2014 Phone conference of board members

Attendance: Deborah King, Lynne Marks, Kimberly Law, Riet de Vlieger, Patrick Chun

Discussion about whether we should make IITTI "live".

(In chronological order)
Gender-specific questions
Patrick - we should stick with gender-neutral for simplicity sake

Lynne - agreeing to stick to what we have got now instead of wait till gender-specific feature

Riet - reminding that we need to have at least 50 questions

Kimberly - wants to make sure any new questions are within the scope of the S&Gs

Riet - need to create a balance between man and woman questions

Patrick - we can build confidence with our users by showing off the logistics of Exam

Deborah - can we use the current exam product as is?

Kimberly - we should focus on approving unratified questions before next meeting

Patrick, Riet - why don't we launch and develop question pool in parallel?

Kimberly, Riet, Lynne - need to create questions within the scope of S&Gs

Lynne, Kimberly, Riet - agreeing Level 1 should no longer be gender-based

Kimberly - vote to have IITTI going live!

Exam report analytics
Patrick - showing off new analytics for exam result

Kimberly - asked if analytics can be printed as a report

Patrick - proposed using new analytics feature as a publicity (press release) piece

Deborah, Riet - commented on the bar graph

Riet - suggested to indicate what is the passing score in analytics

Kimberly, Deborah - changing the questionnaire from the current percentage to a complete/incomplete status

Riet, Kimberly, Patrick - designing where to put complete/incomplete status

Self-Test marketing task force
Kimberly - reporting on Self-Test task force with Christina and Patrick

S&Gs everywhere?
Riet - cannibalism (will S&Gs eat into your own market?)

Kimberly - cannibalism

Deborah - cannibalism

Riet - pointed out it is not the training, but the test that we should focus on

Kimberly - proposed associates should write the IITTI test

Riet - reminded that we voted against associates to need to take the test

Deborah - against policing trainers, it should be "buyers beware"

Lynne - against policing, we can't know everybody

Kimberly - should we make sure they are etiquette trainer before giving out S&Gs?

Kimberly - associates should write the ET test, part 2

Patrick - issue of logistics for associates to take the IITTI test

Riet, Kimberly - associates to write the IITTI test or fill in a form

Deborah - in favour of associates writing IITTI test but concerned Patrick would think otherwise

Patrick - we shouldn't set up barrier to adoption of IITTI

Riet - we want one million Chinese to write IITTI as our goal!

Kimberly, Riet - debating about giving away S&Gs for free

Patrick - people don't want the S&Gs just as another etiquette book but for the IITTI certification system

Lynne - what IITTI should be, a bird's eye view

Riet - our IITTI S&Gs book should be everywhere!

Patrick - must get our standard out ASAP

Riet - realizing the irony of us wanting to keep S&Gs as a secret

Patrick - must allow the floodgate to open

Deborah - what is the current guidelines to get S&Gs

Patrick - describing criteria to become associate

Kimberly, Patrick - clarifying who can get S&Gs

(Everyone) - agreed to leave things as they are to allow wide adoption of IITTI standard

Self-Test tool for marketing
Kimberly, Lynne, Riet - how to get Self-Test promotion to go viral

Patrick - we should focus on customers willing to pay rather than just wanting freebies

Deborah, Kimberly - how to use Self-Test as marketing tool

Patrick - companies want specific data, not general, unverifiable data

Deborah - does Self-Test tool provide value to a university, a company?

Patrick - we should educate about Self-Test tool best for specific, in-house purpose

Deborah - confirming understanding how to use Self-Test tool to promote the real exam

Patrick - further explain how to use Self-Test tool effectively for corporations

Deborah - questioning if Self-Test tool useful on our own website

Kimberly, Patrick - how to put together a "vacation" bundle deal

Kimberly - sharing experience of approaching a local university

Patrick - only offer free stuff after they are interested, not before

Kimberly - summarizing action items

Lynne and Patrick on MOOC
Lynne, Patrick - more about focused marketing vs. mass marketing

Patrick, Lynne - why not think about MOOC (Massively Open Online Course)

Lynne - advocating MOOC for Level 1

Patrick - can't beat MOOC, we need to get ahead of it

Lynne - Level 1 lends itself to online learning since no critical thinking involved

Patrick - suggests the "Big Six" to collaborate on MOOC as private businesses

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