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  Meeting notes
Aug 27, 2014 Phone conference of board members

Attendance: Deborah King, Lynne Marks, Kimberly Law, Riet de Vlieger, Christina Ong, Lilian Bustamante, Patrick Chun

Discussion about using PowerPoint slides for approaching HR and job-seekers.

(In chronological order)
Progress Report
Lynne - what Level 1 and 2 directions should be

Christina - Level 1 could be attitude-base, higher levels could be more skill-based

Kimberly - clarifying what is application, what is knowledge

Patrick - different countries may require different strategies

Patrick - how to use the Self-Test tool

Patrick - distributing S&Gs via Sylvie di Giusto's group

Patrick - will make tutorial video about Self-Test tool

Kimberly - agrees Self-Test video a good idea

Patrick - setting up testing centres

Kimberly - how do testing centres work?

Patrick - describing experiences of sourcing testing centres

Christina - challenges at Nanyang University

Patrick - libraries as testing centres

Kimberly - can we have small cohorts for exam?

Kimberly, Patrick - size of cohorts can be small

Deborah - requesting Dallas/Fort Worth testing centres

Patrick - offering MOOC on Udemy?

Riet - sharing experience on Udemy

Lynne - question if our Udemy course is more marketing than a "How To"

Patrick - what our Udemy course should talk about

Riet - usually Udemy requires 1.5 hours of video -- lots of work

Kimberly, Lynne - analyzing what we are delivering

Riet - who will take this course?

Christina, Kimberly, Riet - discussing what to offer

Patrick - using Udemy course to raise awareness

Lynne, Riet - concluded Udemy is more of a distraction

Riet - suggested SlideShare instead of Udemy

Riet - explaining what SlideShare can do for us

Lilian - explains what SlideShare can do

Christina - how her current work can generate awareness without Udemy

Patrick - summarizes not to apply for Udemy's "Social Innovation Grant"

Riet - further explaining what features Udemy has

Riet, Patrick - how long our SlideShare slides should be

Kimberly - leverage on what we have already: "Tool That Can Change Everything"

Kimberly, Patrick - we should build slides for HR and job seekers

Patrick - decisive in stopping proposal for Udemy, instead focus on short slide shows

Lynne - marketing should be intentional, eg what HR wants, soft skills can be measurable

Riet - using Guy Kawasaki's slides as an example

Patrick, Kimberly - summarized marketing tool needed for corporate and end-users

Requirements for taking exam
Kimberly - do we allow challenge exams?

everybody - agrees to allow challenge exam

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