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  Meeting notes
Mar 7, 2014 Phone conference of board members

Attendance: Deborah King, Lynne Marks, Kimberly Law, Riet de Vlieger, Patrick Chun

Discussion about different categories of corporate customers.

(In chronological order)
Patrick - using "interview diplomacy" for marketing

Patrick - using "interview diplomacy" for marketing, part 2

Deborah - benefit of "interview diplomacy"

Patrick - details of "interview diplomacy" technique

Lynne - suggested an interview template

Patrick - tactics to build rapport with big companies

Deborah - follow up after exam

Deborah - follow up after exam: referral issue?

Deborah - misconception about soft skill training

Deborah - creating list of questions

Patrick - less is more

Lynne - suggested an advisory role for post-exam support

Kimberly, Lynne, Deborah - collaborating

Deborah - why "Distinguished Partner" title is valuable to companies

Patrick - why "Distinguished Partner" title is valuable to companies

Patrick - what happen to the 26th distinguished partner?

Patrick - on graduated scale for discount

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