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  Meeting notes
Nov 18, 2015 Phone conference of board members

Attendance: Kimberly Law, Riet de Vlieger, Christina Ong, Patrick Chun

Discussion about Level 2 strategy

(In chronological order)
Status Report

Christina - Japanese translation effort

Patrick - Giving acknowledgement to translators

Kimberly, Patrick - Lynne's, Kimberly's "training requirement" for Image Consultant Manual

Patrick - A new "Resource Area" for trainers

Patrick - Marketing materials (Harvard Business Review, Patrick's videos, etc.)

Patrick - IITTI logo is an open-source, no restriction

Christina - Can our public logo be different to indicate advocacy?

Kimberly, Christina - Legal issue with logo

Kimberly - A public domain logo

Kimberly - Do not want people to mistaken affiliation with logo

Patrick - Solution to avoid mistaken affiliation

Christina, Kimberly - Changes to heading names on website

Patrick - Solution to avoid mistaken affiliation, part 2

Patrick - Recognizing contributors on our website

Level 2 strategy

Patrick - Using LindedIn for Level 2

Patrick - Merits of LinkedIn posts

Christina - What do we want from Level 2?

Christina, Kimberly - What Level 2 should be

Riet - Not top-down, but bottom-up

Kimberly - Not sure about current list being relevant

Riet - We could still have application besides these topics

Patrick - Asking HR would be a good idea

Kimberly - Opposed to being open

Riet - Limiting topics may not be best

Kimberly - Does not want opening it to LinkedIn

Riet - Open to get a few hundred ideas, an easy game to play

Kimberly - Helped with specifying a framework

Riet - We need hundreds of input

Riet - We need hundreds of input, part 2

Kimberly - We need to change description for Level 2 then

Riet - Suggested not to change description just yet

Christina - Top-down is too limiting, create Level 2 like a Wikipedia

Christina - Wikipedia great way to get attention

Riet - Will this contribute to peace on earth?

Kimberly - If too broad would be difficult to manage

Riet - But it shouldn't be top down

Patrick - ICs will be like GP in medicine

Kimberly - Thinks ICs won't be qualified to teach the many topics in proposed Level 2

Riet - Is the main goal of IITTI to help industry to have more business?

Patrick - Future ICs will be many university graduates

Christina - Wikipedia a good idea to generate interests

Patrick - Experts out there will know what questions to ask

Christina, Riet - Wikipedia a great idea given AICI tipping book was so hard to do

Kimberly - Wiki needs to be separate

Patrick, Kimberly - Is wiki becoming S&Gs good or bad?

Riet - How to control within Wikipedia

Patrick - Explains how Wikipedia works

Riet, Patrick - A small experiment on LinkedIn to minimize risk?

Riet - Concerns LinkedIn too open

Kimberly - LinkedIn too broad

Riet - But if people find us useful on LinkedIn, that's how we will be relevant

(Riet and Patrick, after Kimberly, Christina left the meeting)

Patrick - Why LinkedIn a good thing

Patrick - Why Wikipedia is not a good choice

Riet - Analysing Wikipedia, maybe LinkedIn too open

Patrick - How open source can spread quickly

Patrick - How open source can be incorporated

Riet - Discovering how open source can be used in a big way

Patrick - Must be grass root for Level 2

Riet, Patrick - Is open source unfocused?

Riet, Patrick - How IITTI open source can be built on LinkedIn (9 mins, must listen)

Riet, Patrick - Back trace if all these are a good idea

Riet, Patrick - Help fill in some blind spots

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