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  Meeting notes
Nov 25, 2014 Phone conference of board members

Attendance: Deborah King, Lynne Marks, Kimberly Law, Riet de Vlieger, Lilian Bustamante, Patrick Chun

Discussion on marketing, appearance

(In chronological order)

Patrick - IITTI stifling creativity or raise professionalism?

Lynne - IITTI is demanded by HRs and CEOs for legal issues

Lynne - IITTI helps compliance procedures

Deborah - market place demands a standard

Lynne - professional world requesting IITTI

Patrick - we should point out liability issue to HR

Riet - what is image consulting?

Deborah - companies do not have written dress code

Lynne - companies are confused

Patrick - why engineers get fired

Patrick - should we start to approach HRs?

Kimberly - agrees approaching HRs is needed

Patrick - HRs driving demand


Kimberly, Lynne - sleeveless dress

Lilian - sleeveless dress

Kimberly, Lynne, Lilian - sleeveless dress

Everyone - sleeveless dress

Kimberly, Lynne - sleeveless dress

Kimberly, Lynne - men's progressive look

Lynne, Kimberly - men's progressive look

Lilian, Kimberly - men's progressive look

Riet - men's progressive look

Deborah, Kimberly, Lynne - men's progressive look

Kimberly - summarizing men's progressive look

Kimberly, Lynne - more on men's progressive look

Lynne, Kimberly - more on men's progressive look

Deborah, Lynne, Kimberly - more summarizing on men's progressive look

Kimberly, Patrick - what to add in addendum to Standards & Guidelines

Lynne, Kimberly - recap: sleeveless dress category

Lynne - suggest to email Christina about sleeveless dress

Kimberly - wrap up

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