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  Meeting notes
Sep 4, 2013 Phone conference of board members

Attendance: Christina, Deborah, Lynne, Kimberly, Riet, Patrick
Discussion about the production and marketing of IITTI.

Lynne - questioned about if we should do any training, as our name implies

Lynne - also pointed out that needs of emerging markets and western countries may be different

Patrick - described how to tie in the East and the West

Kimberly - pointed out companies don't recognize the need until something goes wrong

Deborah - described how to get people to understand the importance of image

Christina - pointed out Level 1 would command a big volume, particularly in Asia

Riet - added that Level 1 would be big in South America and Africa

Christina - suggested there is much synergy with AICI

Patrick - pointed out that training and testing may be one of the same thing in the near future

Patrick - talked about micro-payment for cellphone training in emerging markets such as Africa

Lynne - questioned if IITTI would provide mobile training

Christina - summarized to keep our name unchanged but focus on the testing aspect for now

Patrick - pointed out what product that image consultants are lacking to sell

Kimberly - reiterated that IITTI is actually a benefit for image consultants

Patrick - pointed out why HRs cannot articulate what they need

Riet - suggested official launch to AICI by April 2015

Deborah - pointed out it may actually be job-seekers who will educate HRs about IITTI

Deborah - agreed that even Level 1 is relevant for North American HRs

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