Exam pass discount

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Business Level 1 Exam
Discounted fee (US$) Terms
$150 Non-AICI members (Regular fee)
$80 AICI membership
$70 AICI membership, 10 exams
$60 AICI membership, 20 exams
$40 AICI membership, 20 exams, client acting as test center*
* Contact IITTI to confirm your client can qualify to act as testing center. This feature is designed for university clients and companies (e.g. engineering company) with facility to host exams. (Check below for more detail.)

Citizens of the World Exam
Discounted fee (US$) Terms
$50 Non-AICI members (Regular fee)
$40 AICI membership

Questions / Answers

I have checked the discount, how does it work?

You can buy the exam passes on behalf of your clients. (IITTI exam passes are like cell phone cards where you can enter the card number into your user account.) For example, you can buy at US$80 and sell to your clients at US$100 to cover your expenses. If your clients buy directly from IITTI, they pay US$150.

Is there an expiry date for an exam pass?


My clients are not AICI members, can they still get the discount?

Yes, your clients do not need to be AICI members; only you need to be an AICI member to enjoy this discount (when you buy for them).

If I take the IITTI standard test myself, it would be at $80 and not $150?

Correct, as an AICI member, if you are to take the IITTI test yourself, you pay $80.

Do students submit their applications individually?

No, they register with you. And you give us a list of the individuals who will take the test.

Once paid, when and where can students do the exam?

Usually we require a week's advance notice. The venue will be at one of our testing centres.

However, if you are training employees in a company, we do allow companies to act as the testing centre (what we call 'client acting as test center'). You will need to set this up with us.

What is 'client acting as test center'?

Short answer: your customer to act as test center.

Long answer: We allow university clients of yours and company clients (such as engineering company, account company, etc.) of yours to host the exam. You need to check with us as well as your client to make sure they qualify as they need to be willing and able to act as the proctor and absorb all proctoring costs.

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