Test Centre Requirements

Type Description Requirements
University Testing Centres North American-style colleges and universities where they have a separate department as a testing centre, and with own proctors.

e.g. University of Texas in Austin

• greeting videos
Commercial Testing Centres PearsonVUE, Prometric, Castle, etc. where they have experience hosting various standardized exam such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE.

e.g. Langrow in Lima, Peru

• greeting videos
Client Acting as Testing Centre ("In-House") For clients of image consultants who are companies that have their own facilities and proctors to act as testing centres.

e.g. IBM

• greeting videos
• monitoring video
Independent Testing Division of Soft Skills Training Schools * Testing centres that are located side-by-side to a soft skills training school, but operated independently from the training division.

e.g. Versa in Lima, Peru
     Apailuck in Bangkok, Thailand

• greeting videos
• monitoring video

• must mention on web and printed literature that the testing centre is a separate division
• advertisement must mention entire testing will be video-taped and sent to IITTI
• separation of personnel: must have dedicated admin person and proctor

Note: each monitoring video has to be an unbroken recording of whole session in one (1) video file.

* Only in selected countries.


2018 New Requirement: IITTI greeting videos and monitoring videos done in front of an IITTI logo

Sample greeting video with IITTI logo as backdrop.
Sample monitoring video with IITTI logo as backdrop.