Why? -- Details

Helps Trainers Be Seen As More Professional In The Market

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Short Answer: Bringing Image Consulting more into the Mainstream

Longer Answer:

Without a standard, it will only slow down the acceptance of soft skills trainers as true professionals.

How so? By having a standard, then the profession can be scrutinized. Your students can be tested independently. All signs of true professionals.

Really Long Answer:

The motivation behind the provision of the IITTI exam is to bring about an industry-wide convergence to a single standard for corporate clients, tourists and youths. A standardized test eliminates conflict of interests, as the test is conducted by an independent and unbiased body, rather than a test that you set up yourself. For you, as an image/etiquette trainer, for example, it allows you to communicate with individual students and corporate clients with more authority and credibility.

Furthermore, a single standard helps you save money by establishing a universal standard for your curriculum. It also eliminates the need to develop and upkeep your own testing structure -- one less thing to worry about. It affords you more resources to focus on your training quality and client satisfaction.


AICI Global magazine, April 2013: Why standardization is important? (Page 19)
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