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Our latest strategy Jun29, 2015
Planning for AICI 2015 Conference
from April onward      
(1) set up logistics so that AICI can distribute IITTI exam passes Work with Ewald (AICI service provider) to set up exam pass purchase form and behind-the-scene software. Patrick A mockup form is at Mockup purchase form
AICI page is at AICI purchase form
(2) help AICI design their communications about the IITTI concept and its people - An "IITTI" page on AICI website
- IITTI message in AICI weekly bulletin
Patrick A mockup form is at Mockup intro page
AICI page is at AICI intro page
(3) build a list of all influencers - corporate trainers
- train-the-trainers
- CEU trainers at conference
Lilian, Kimberly, Patrick All CIMs, Dominique Isbecque, Imogen Lamport, Jacqueline Whitmore, Karen Brunger, Sarah Brummitt, Sue Donnelly
(3a) reach out to influencers Emailed on Jun26,2015 Patrick "Test the water" to see if the person is negative. If so, don't invite to our meeting.
(4) planning what to present during conference      
Jun 30, 2015
(5) AICI officially announce strategic alliance with IITTI during their AGM Attend AGM All  
Jul 1, 2015
IITTI press release
(6) IITTI media release about alliance with AICI      
Jul 5, 2015 /
from Jul 5 onward
(7) personal invitation of influencers to our meeting at conference - influencers
- AICI speakers on related topics
Aug 27, 2015 /
"Lunch & Learn"
(8) deliver lunch hour seminar   All  

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