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  Meeting notes
Aug 7, 2014 Meeting agenda

1:00pm – 3:00 PM (Vancouver) Pacific Time

Please note: we are going to use conference line

Call 1-559-670-1000 (Canada) 1-209-255-1000 (US) +31-(0)20322-3050 Netherlands (sorry there is no dedicated number for Chile or Singapore – would suggest using the USA number)

Participant: 446046# (please remind Kimberly to record the call and end recording)

  1. Approve discussion points from July meeting

  2. Progress Reports on Actions steps from July meeting

    1. Riet, Lynne – Gender question analysis

    2. Lilian, Riet, Lynne, - additional questions for question pool

    3. Assign redesign of draft questions for L1 info-graphic analytics report(s) and submit to Patrick.

    4. Christina, Patrick, Kimberly Report back to Directors on Self-test meeting outcome - marketing strategy as part of the basic report and bring suggestions back to Directors. Order of Priority

      1. Finalise terms and conditions for Associates (Strategic Alliance)

        1. Cannibalism

        2. S&G Guide: Online discussion about requiring a signed agreement for non-distribution of the S&G guide. Christina and Lynne presented some wording. Patrick has some concerns. Discussion ongoing.

      2. Analytics dipstick – social media to increase self-test taker numbers

      3. Targets

      4. Strategic Partnership

    5. Patrick S&G Guide/ L1 Exam bundle suggestions

    6. Patrick – update on watermark for S&G Guide

  1. Continued tabled discussions:

    1. Finalize Requirements for taking exam (create policy and update student guide if needed) www.iitti.org/forStudents/IITTI_studentGuide_Jun03_2014.pdf

      1. Should we allow people to challenge the exam or require proof of education?

    1. Marketing to Trainers/ AICI Discuss and finalize strategy for creation & implementation of a marketing plan/ campaign (tabled at March meeting) to introduce, expose and gain adoption of IITTI concept to (AICI colleagues) -Image and Etiquette Professionals

Initial Ideas List

      1. Introductory teleconference for Trainers/ AICI

      2. AICI Conference 2015

    1. Level 1 Question Pool create strategy for evaluation of level 1 questions to be considered basic skill level more advanced questions to be moved to level 2

  1. Continue with September 4th, 2013 agenda items 2-4

Next Scheduled Meeting: August 27, 2014 6:30 AM Pacific Time

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