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  Meeting notes
June 8, 2017 Meeting agenda

Conference call on Skype

1. Decision on IITTI China policy.

2. Re-confirming approval of role & responsibilities of executive director as from Mar 20, 2017 meeting outcomes (and email on Apr 2 from Patrick) ('Yes' Lynne May03)

3. Citizens of the World questions from Jessie

4. Level 2 S&Gs

5. IITTI designations? (Ref: email Mar 24, 2017)
       IITTI CIEP  (Certified Image & Etiquette Practitioner) (ie Level 1)
       IITTI CIEE  (Certified Image & Etiquette Expert)  (ie Level 2)
       IITTI CIEM (Certified Image & Etiquette Master)  (ie Level 3)
       IITTI CWC (Certified World Citizen) (ie Citizens of the World)

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