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Aug 7, 2014 Meeting Outcomes

Hi Christina, Lilian, (email on Aug14,2014)

It is with excitement to let you know that we have had a very productive meeting last Thursday.  The two major outcomes were

(1) to launch IITTI immediately using the 50 questions we have had approved since Feb of last year (which was then used for our Nanyang pilot in March).  The gender-specific feature will be reserved for Level 2 and 3, and/or phased in to Level 1 when ready.  Using this strategy, the marketing and development can be executed in parallel.

(2) allow easier distribution of our S&Gs without policing image consultants.  It was heavily debated if we are here to guard the S&Gs (to prevent cannibalism) or if we are here to promote the ET test. 

Kimberly played devil's advocate, and Riet commented about the irony of how we wanted one million Chinese to write the exam while keeping the S&Gs a secret!  Deborah pointed out it should be "buyer beware" when it comes to newcomers vs. veteran trainers.  It was also pointed out that the more noise by newcomers, it may end up generating more business for the senior members of ET. 

Lynne concluded it succinctly that we should be single-minded in getting people to write the exam.


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