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Mar 17, 2012 Discussion with Christina about verbs for Learning Outcomes

On-going work on the Learning Outcomes led Lynne and Christina to suggest a concise selection of action verbs that would be useful to distinguish between the various levels.

Feb 26, 2012 from Lynne

Everyone, don't forget to start the LO's with an observable action verb as we do with the CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Don't use words like "understand, become aware of, appreciate" etc.

Mar 17, 2012 from Christina

I was clarifying our tasks to write Learning Outcomes as I found some challenges with regards to how in-depth we should get and how to streamline consistency in how we each write our LOs. I shared with Patrick that perhaps it might be useful to agree on Learning Outcome terms we should use in each of our 3 levels.

I found this information from the [Abilene University] website which could be useful and would like to suggest we review this as a group...

Verbs for Learning Outcomes

Level 1       Level 2                Level 3  
Knowledge Comprehension   Application Analysis   Synthesis Evaluation
arrange characterize   administer analyze   combine appraise
define classify   apply appraise   compose argue
duplicate complete   calculate categorize   consolidate assess
know depict   choose compare   construct critique
label describe   compute contrast   create defend
list discuss   conduct critique   design envision
match establish   demonstrate diagram   formulate estimate
memorize explain   dramatize differentiate   hypothesize evaluate
name express   employ discriminate   integrate examine
order identify   implement distinguish   merge grade
quote illustrate   interpret examine   organize inspect
recognize locate   operate experiment   plan judge
recall recognize   perform explore   propose justify
repeat report   practice inventory   synthesize rank
reproduce relate   prescribe investigate   systematize rate
restate review   roleplay question   theorize review
retain sort   sketch research   unite value
  translate   solve test   write  

Jun 26, 2012 from Patrick

Added a few more verbs as picked up from the AICI 2013 Session Proposal Guidelines document.

Level 1       Level 2                Level 3  
Knowledge Comprehension   Application Analysis   Synthesis Evaluation
give example outline   modify     develop  
produce select   prepare        

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