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         Our values

These are the various suggestions from all of us (no names mentioned to protect the guilty):

    "For a More Civil World"


    "For a Civil World"


    "Empower people to live the life of their dreams."
    "Empower women so that the full human potential is used to build society."
    "A world that works for everyone."


    "To accompany people in their personal growth by providing them with our expertise"

On Jan 17, 2014 a whole bunch more were suggested:

    "Getting along"
    "Following rules"
    "Better manners"
    "Citizens of the world"
    "Helping people to become more worldly"
    "Understand each other and get along better"
    "Successful interactions"
    "Increased interpersonal confidence"

For the individuals:

    "Expands your world view"
    "Broadens your perspective"
    "The possibility of growth and success in your chosen field"
    "Enhances your confidence"

For corporations:

    "Aligns employees with the brand values of the organization"
    "Strengthens/enhances the internal culture of the company"
    "Allows for a competitive advantage on the world stage"

For the world:

    "IITTI promotes intercultural understanding"


    "A world where the highest standards, respect and empowerment are valued and encouraged"

Some more suggestions:

    "Global standards for image and etiquette"
    "Interpersonal relations or Interpersonal confidence"
    "Respect for others"
    "Corporate global citizens"

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