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"You do the training, we'll do the testing!"

Exam Logistics

Step-by-Step Guide

This Exam Logistics gives you the detailed, step-by-step to help you find your way starting from the initial purchase of an exam pass all the way to actually writing the exam.

IITTI Exam logistics Program


More detail?

IITTI Orientation Webinar

How to use IITTI's certification to your advantage
Everything you need to know to make your training more credible

Held on Thursday March 3, 2016
9:30am New York time (60 min)

Presented to you by:
            Patrick Chun | Lynne Marks, AICI CIM | Kimberly Law, AICI CIP
PowerPoint for Orientation Webinar
Video for Orientation Webinar
Audio for Q/A


Print class certificates

As a trainer, you can print the certificates for your exam class.

Print Certificates for Class