How can IITTI help in finding a job?

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Your best use of time is to improve your soft skills



University degree is no longer enough!

Employers such as Google, Apple, Starbucks are requiring job applicants to have proof of excellent soft skills, and many are turning to the IITTI 'World Civility Index'.

But of course, it is a big world, some employers may say they have never heard of IITTI World Civility Index. It actually creates an excellent opportunity for you to give a leadership impression when explaining to the employer about the Index. This makes you look good and stand out from the competition. Employers are generally impressed when a job-applicant can come in and show the employer something they didn't know!

Having World Civility Index points shows that you have the vision in seeing the importance of soft skills, the motivation, and the patience to earn World Civility Index points on a long-term basis. These are qualities that are hard to fake and are readily captured under the World Civility Index -- qualities that are hard to show elsewhere, and are intensely sought after by employers.







Why job-applicants need World Civility Index

Proof 1 Degrees are not enough. Companies look for soft skills.

Proof 2 Examples of companies/HRs

Proof 2a Examples of companies/HRs

Proof 2b Examples of companies/HRs

Proof 3 United Nations, Google



How can I earn World Civility Index points?

Examples of university students who have just earned one (1) World Civility Index point via the Reading Program

The easiest is to start with the IITTI Reading Program:
(If you have an IITTI Trainer or a promoter, ask them for their special link instead of the link above. They usually can give you a better deal!)

You can also seek training from an IITTI Trainer and sit for an IITTI Exam: