For A More Civil World

Look At History: Etiquette Promotes World Peace!

Positive Impact on a Global Scale

As societies focus more and more on high-tech such as AI, block chain, and automated cars, recent studies have shown that our people skills are rapidly deteriorating. The family dinner tables are no longer where kids learn social manners and values from wise parents. A global issue now is that people don't know how to show empathy, leading to higher rates of conflict at work and at home, harassment, depression, loss of business.

A recent study by McDonald's Restaurants indicates just in the U.K. alone, the value of soft skills was worth £88 billion in 2015. But both HRs and job-applicants feel meaningless to include soft skills on their CVs as everyone says they have good communication skills and are a great team player, so it doesn't mean much on a CV without proof.

Before IITTI, job-seekers can only tell,
now they can show!

This changes everything.

With the advent of the IITTI World Civility Index, employers can now in job ads readily ask job-applicants to show their Index points. It not only allows companies to raise corporate culture, but it also sends a strong signal to society that now there is a way to identify job candidates that are more empathetic, more self-aware, more socially competent.

What employers want, the work force will pay attention. And by extension, the general population will pay attention. It changes culture for the better.

Every company of every country can use the World Civility Index easily...and for free. Every person can raise their soft skills and prove it.

On the grander scale, if humanity is to survive the 21st century and beyond, it is our ability to improve our relationships with one another, to see in the other person's shoe, to communicate with more empathy. As a wise person once said,

All wars start between our ears!

That is to say, all conflicts start with what is in people's head, when we miscommunicate, mistrust, misunderstand.

IITTI World Civility Index prevents social problems.