About Us



For A More Civil World

We believe soft skills such as image & etiquette, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness are the first steps in creating a more peaceful, civil world.




To support business people, tourists, youths around the world to interact in a universally acceptable and civil manner.




To provide the global standard in soft skills, such as image & etiquette, emotional intelligence, cultural awareness bridging the gap between different cultures.


  1. To set a certification standard for the testing (the 'Exam') of soft skills.
  2. To write a set of Standards and Guidelines (S&Gs) that soft skills trainers can use to design their curriculum for conducting classes in preparation for the Exam.



Who We Are

IITTI (International Soft Skills Standards & Testing) helps companies in finding new employees with good soft skills (good people skills), using a standard measurement called 'World Civility Index'.

This Index is somewhat similar to your credit rating, but instead of measuring how well you can pay your bills, it measures how much manners you have! Things like your business etiquette, your empathy, your intercultural awareness.

The concept is that job-seekers can get the credential based on the World Civility Index, as proof, to show to employers EVERYWHERE!