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What is IITTI?




What is the ROI?

How a disruptive innovation in education like IITTI can help you boost your ROI to 1,000%? Or even more?!



How much does it cost to use this website to check credentials?

It is free.


What is the credentialing structure?

All credentials are based on the World Civility Index.

Participants get to earn points by reading articles, watching videos or joining activities such as seminars, workshop, and field trips. Another path is to sit for IITTI written exams.


How do we use IITTI?

  1. Put an extra line in your job ad: Ask applicants to have World Civility Index credentials.
  2. Include the World Civility Index as part of your internal employee performance review KPI (key performance indicator).

Details under www.IITTI.org/123.