How do I successfully use IITTI for my business?

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Step 1. Do an ice-breaker with HRs

To do some marketing, the first thing is to "break the ice" with HRs.

An ice-breaker should be something small, but useful. The best is to introduce a small part of IITTI that can easily be adopted. This would be the 'Rocktell resume video'.

Here is why.

Every HR loves to see what a job candidate's communicate skill is before an actual interview. But up until now, there is no way to do that. So recommend them to use the Rocktell resume video; this asks a job-seeker an impromtu question to show the person's 'think on your feet' skills.

It costs HRs zero budget, and can be done today!

For a real Rocktell video:

Here is a sample job ad asking applicants to include a Rocktell video:

Here is what it looks like in a diagram: The ultimate Rocktell marketing

Step 2. Recommend HRs to adopt IITTI

As Rocktell video is part of the requirements for the IITTI Level 1 certification, the natural second step is to encourage HRs to improve their 'employer branding' by adding an extra line in their job ads stating they prefer applicants with both the Rocktell video and the complete IITTI certification.

Again, it costs zero budget, and can be done today!

Here is a job ad from a real company:

Here is what it looks like in a diagram: The ultimate IITTI marketing

Step 3. Use their job ads as advertisement

Now you can use their job ads as your own advertisement for your public workshops to train job seekers to be good at doing Rocktell videos and to get their IITTI certification.

Everybody wins!