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What is IITTI?



Wow! How can I share IITTI with my HR friends?

Feel free to share this document: The Tool that could Change Everything for HR

In Spanish: La herramienta que podría cambiar todo IITTI para HR


How much does it cost to use this website to check credentials?

It is free.


What is the certification structure?

There are three levels.

The "Basic" Level, or Level 1, consists of a written exam. The "Standard" Level, or Level 2, consists of a written exam and a practical exam. The "Advanced" Level, or Level 3, consists of an overseas practical exam, where exam candidates will travel to the IITTI test centre in Vancouver, Canada for an in-depth test.


Can we invite IITTI to give a seminar to our company? How much does it cost?

It is on a cost-recovery basis.

Please contact us so we can schedule a seminar at a mutually convenient time.