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Our latest strategy Sep 30, 2014
Jun 2,2014
       - Send message to Judith (Patrick) read letter
Jun 11-12 window
       - Campaign "Simple Letter" (everyone reach out to their AICI friends)
                      (see below for link)
       - Campaign "diGuisto-IITTI": using Sylvie's Google+ platform (for giving out S&Gs)
       - "New IITTI Testing Centres"
                      announcement about IITTI testing centres in North America
       - Campaign "IITTI diplomacy": given a courtesy S&Gs copy to
                      Protocol School of Washington
       - Campaign "IITTI diplomacy": given a courtesy S&Gs copy to
       - Campaign "PayPal" press release
                      (tell exam candidates they can now use PayPal for direct online payment)

In the works...
       - "New IITTI Testing Centres" (Patrick)
                      announcement about IITTI testing centres around the globe
       - Recruit "Associates" as evangelists (Patrick)
       - Campaign LinkedIn diplomacy for image consultants
       - Campaign LinkedIn diplomacy for HR
       - Campaign "IITTI diplomacy": give a courtesy S&Gs copy to
                      Emily Post, Civility Expert Group (Lew Bayer)
       - Campaign "New analytics" press release
                      (educate people re our new analytics with bar graphs)

Everyone should do:
       - LinkedIn (everyone add IITTI director/ambassador title)
       - Own website (add IITTI director/ambassador title)
       - Own email signature (add IITTI director/ambassador title)

Longer term
       - Campaign "Self-Test Tool" video
                      (educate HR how to set up campaigns for different departments)
       - Teleclass (Patrick -- English, Lilian -- Spanish,
                      Christina / Serena -- Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese)
       - MOOC via Udemy.com (Kimberly?)

       - Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook (in this priority)
       - AICI CEU webinar (Christina?)
       - Article in AICI Global magazine (last one done by Patrick April 2013)
       - Story-telling blog, based on past meeting topics
       - News bulletin series (Lynne?)
       - Paid slot email blast?

IITTI self-testing tool
HowTo: add Self-Test button to your web pages, and track results

A simple letter: concept of IITTI

An introduction of the concept of IITTI to our colleagues at AICI. (You can just copy-and-paste the link into your blog, Facebook, etc.)


(If you need, our tagline: Setting the Highest Global Standard for Professional Image and Etiquette )

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