Trainer Area

"You do the training, we'll do the testing!"

What is IITTI?

A standardized testing system for business image and etiquette.

It is just like TOEFL, GMAT or ISO.

It sets the standards such as which side you should wear your name tag.




A standard allows the market to grow

It allows a multinational to hire different trainers in different countries to train towards the same standard. No wide-scale training is possible without a standard.



Standard Kills Creativity

My brand is all about creativity

How can you set a standard on image and soft skills?!

What about artistic style and taste? Setting a standard will stifle creativity. How can trainers distinguish themselves?


Corporate training is about measurement

What cannot be measured is not done


The IITTI standard sets the "what" to be delivered. It is up to each trainer to design the "how" to deliver it.

That is, your creativity and your brand can flourish from the "way" you deliver. Something uniquely yours.