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Pain point for HR?

How to assess applicants' soft skills

Historically, there was just no easy way to compare the soft skills credential of one job applicant to another, as different schools have different curriculum and scoring systems. It was like comparing apples with oranges.

Pain point for CFO?

How to report ESG without being labeled greenwashing

When a company initiates and generates all the measurements and data in-house, there is a likelihood investors will look upon it with suspicion. The lingering thought will always be "how real are those data?"


What is World Civility Index?

A standardized measurement for soft skills such as professional image, business etiquette, empathy.

It is similar to your credit rating, except this measures how much manners you have!

For example, it measures things such as how to dress for a semi-formal dinner party for business, or the awareness of how to talk to people from different cultures with sensitivity.


How to earn points?

How can employees earn World Civility Index credentials?

Participants get to earn points by reading articles, watching videos or joining activities such as seminars, workshop, and field trips.




Helps Your Social Impact

By focusing on employee soft skills "habits" such as business etiquette and empathy, it helps build your company culture, which defines your company brand.

Investors are interested in seeing your company having a measurable 'care for people' initiative, especially something done via an independent, unbiased 3rd-party such as IITTI, which eliminates greenwashing; something that would raise your ESG rating.

When you demand new hires to have World Civility Index credentials, the work force will pay attention. And by extension, the general population will also pay attention. It changes societies to become more civil.

You feed three birds with one seed!

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HR = Human Resource
CFO = Chief Financial Officer
ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance